20 FAQs for Collamat 8600 & 9100

Q1. How can I set the encoder ratio in a C8600? The roller diameter is 127mm and a 200 pulse encoder is used.

A1. The calculation process is described in the Technical Handbook C8600 chapter Incrementalencoder. In this case a value of 1.99 mm will be OK. On the monitor select Programming > Change Program > Speed > Incremental encoder. Then set the value to 1.99mm. The speed can be fine adjusted with the up- and down keys.

Q2. Is it possible to use a local dealer's sensor for label scan on the C8600 & C9100? Is there something special to notice?

A2. Yes it is possible. A scanner with a NPN output is required. (PNP will not work.) The output must be active low when a label is under the scanner. NOTE: The Labelscanner Sensitivity unction will have no function.

Q3. While labelling often the warning 'Label too long' is displayed. The labeldimensions: length 45mm, width 30mm. What is the cause?

A3. If the label length is set to the real label dimension often this message is displayed. The cause is the slipping of the tractionroller on the paperweb. The steps of the motor are counted and compared to the label length. If more steps than calculated are necessary to transport the label this message is displayed. To prevent this message set the labellength to twice or three times of the real label length. Programming > Change Program > Label Length > Manual adjust. This will also give a better labelling reliability if there labels are missing on the paperweb.

Q4. In a Monitor C9100 the fuse of the motor driver board is blown a second time. May I insert a higher rated fuse?

A4. NO! Never replace this fuse! This fuse is the last security element of the motor driver board. The fuse is intended to protect the board against fire or burnout. If this fuse is blown the motor driver board must be replaced. The motor driver circuit is supervised against overvoltage, undervoltage, temperature and short connections of the motor phase wires. If something wrong happens the circuit switches off all motor current and goes into a safety mode until it is powered off and on again.

Q5. The stepper motor inside the C8600 traction unit is very hot a while after power on. Is this normal?

A5. Yes this is normal. A stepper motor is all the time under power. Even when it is not turning. Otherwise it will not hold the paperweb in the correct position. The powerloss heats the motor up about 50°C higher than the ambient temperature.

Q6. Is it possible to extend the cables from the monitor to the labeler?


A6. Yes. Up to ten meters. Please use shielded cables of the same type or order the customized cables at Collamat

Q7. We have to label a clear transparent product. The Collamat 8600 sticks two labels to the product

A7. Use the Programming > Change Program > Good Suppression function. The suppression delay can be set from zero to 1000mm. See also in the Monitor C8600/C9100 Operating Instructions.

Q8. While in side labelling the paperweb often drops down to the converyor. Is there any special gear to prevent this?

A8. For this problem we have a side labelling set. Please ask the sales departement.

Q9. Is there any documentation of the C8600 & C9100 available on disks?

A9. All Collamat handbooks are available in PDF (Adobe Acrobat files) format. In future time the documents can be downloaded from www.collamat.ch homepage. Today please ask for it on disk.

Q10. Can a C8600 be runned at a ambient temperature of minus 20°C? (Ice-house application)

A10. No. The minimal temperature is +5°C, the maximum temperature is +40°C.

Q11. Why the C8600 monitors do not have a extra fan on the housing like some C8500 monitors.

A11. The latest motordriver technology used in the C8600/C9100 has a minimized power loss of the electronics. Also the heat sink is designed to run the monitor even at a ambient temperature of +50°C. So overheating makes no trouble.

Q12. I am labelling products with short labels (15mm) with a Collamat 9100. The gap is 3mm but every thenth gap is 10mm due to the labelcutting process. On the product sometimes two labels are sticked on.

A12. The distance between the labelscanner and the dispensing edge is longer than the label length. In this case one or more labels can stay between the labelscanner and the dispensing edge. So when a label is missing on the paperweb or there is a longer gap the paperweb is transported as long as the next predispensing is performed. In this case the length of the web transport is longer than one label and two labels are placed to the product. This also takes place when you are using an extended dispensing edge. To prevent double labeling minimize the distance between the labelscanner and the dispensing edge so that it is shorter than one label.

Q13. I forgot the password in a Collamat 8600 monitor. How can I recover it?

A13. If the monitor runs under the firmware 1.13 hold the ENTER-Key while switching power on. Then type 4147 for password. Attention: This clears all programms to the default values! If you type 4148 instead only Programm 1 is set to default values the monitor the starts with program 1 and the password is cleared. If the monitor runs under the firmware 1.20 after typing 4148 programm 32 is set to default values the monitor the starts with program 32 and the password is cleared.

Q14. Does the C8600 & C9100 meet the CE regulations? How about UL?

A14. The C6600 & C9100 meet the CE regulations but not the UL regulations.

Q15. Can I connect a local product scanner to a Collamat 8600?

A15. You can connect every scanner with an NPN output to the C8600. The signal must be active low when a product is detected.

Q16. My C8600 fires everytime 3 labels on one GSC signal.

A16. Check the predispensing length. It must be shorter than the label length. Check the labelscanner for dust or ink coming from the labels. Check the TCY setting.